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Frame Wire Mesh Fence

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 Uses the high quality wire rod to take raw material, by way of the galvanization, the pvc Bao Su net surface, will have in the course of time the corrosion resistance, anti-ultraviolet ray''s characteristic. The package models thickness to be possible to achieve above 1.0mm. The net mask has the strong anti-impulse.on the other hand theselvage has generally cancels and twists two kinds.
Column: Usually may choose the ordinary circular pipe, the mushroom opposite sex tube, goes against the end cover to have the plastic to cover or the sou''west. Surface treatment for galvanization and spray coating, may also the optional one kind.
Installs the fitting: Net and the column ties up the silk connection depending on the screw and each special metal clip or the use. Uses the screw is automatic security. Uses the fitting also to be possible to defer to the customer the hungry various requirement concrete design.
Frame Wire Mesh Fence Frame Wire Mesh Fence Frame Wire Mesh Fence Frame Wire Mesh Fence Frame Wire Mesh Fence Frame Wire Mesh Fence