Hebei Shiyi Wire Mesh Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer in various kinds of wire mesh fence,temporary fence,wire mesh fencing,welded mesh fence.we are a famous company in Anping's wire mesh industry with a yearly capacity of more than 500,000 tons all kinds of fence.Our company was founded in 2002 years.Since its foundation, we have regarded producing the high-quality wire mesh products as the foundations of setting up ours own business of enterprises all the time, and treated improving product quality , promoting research and development ability as the developing direction of enterprises. There are 15 engineers,80 technical staffs in the company, which is furnished with advanced tester and process equipments , CAD is used to design the software,so we can research and develop products according to the market situation, customer's enquiry or ODM way to develop new products.In the same trade, placing quality in a leading position all the time.......
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Wire Mesh Fence
Material: low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire

Temporary Fence
Temporary fence can quickly and easily be installed, Common Specifications

Chain Link Fence
Chain-link fence is simply a woven steel wire fence coated with zinc to prevent rust
Ornamental Fence
1. Beautiful and practical;
2.for a high degree of small, long-distance isolation;

Wire Fence Panel
Welded Wire Mesh Panel is made of superior quality welded mesh,

Fiberglass Mesh

Fiberglass Mesh
Material:fiberglass wire
Processing :weaving

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