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First, the choice of a temporary fence, pay attention to the entire mesh, in what form, is currently more common fencing, is the use of welding wire, this wire is the most rugged, corrosion-resistant high-quality type wire diameter length is through high-wire type of professional testing. Stability and security of the material have been greatly improved.

Secondly, we should also pay attention to the temporary fence frame material, the entire temporary fence, including not only the mesh, but also columns, frames, screws, chassis and other fixed facilities, these have a direct impact on the use of the entire fence. Relatively good framework, and many more high-quality anti-corrosion Jin Su processing, mesh convergence that place, will be a professional welding point, so that the mesh and the frame more closely and safe.

Finally, we must not ignore the antiseptic spray process temporary fence. That is anti-rust surface treatment process, some of the instruments available were relatively hard dawdle, if encountered surface cracks, paint chips and so on, then this process is not up to the dip, processed products out of the fence and do not have corrosion characteristics. Overall general product should pay attention to the uniformity of spray, there is the quality of the coating is also crucial.

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