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3D curved wire mesh fence mostly refers tothe iron wire fence, which is pulled from low-carbon steel wire rod to therequired thickness of iron wire. After welding or weaving process, it is madeinto iron wire mesh pieces, which can be used in different sites with columnsof different styles and specifications. Such as protective walls of railways,highways, bridges, airports, orchards, water sources, aquaculture and otherplaces.

After various surface treatments, 3D curvedwire mesh fence has greatly enhanced its product performance and longer servicelife. Surface treatment mainly adopts: galvanized, plastic dipping, plasticspraying and other anti-corrosion treatment. The product has good anti-aging,anti sun and corrosion resistance characteristics. Its products are diverse indesign and color, beautiful and generous, and can reach an agreement with thelocal landscape according to the deployment of color. It has high safetyperformance coefficient and good anti climbing ability. The mesh is connectedby galvanized anti-theft screws, which can effectively prevent man-made destructivedisassembly. Four transverse bending stiffeners can significantly increase thestrength of the mesh surface.