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Field fence is a kind of special wire mesh fence, it uses the process that extrusion of plastic coated ethylene and plastic heterosexual wood from metal heterosexual wood surface. In surface and all sections bu adding high dose of, in different proportions of anti-aging agents, solid agent. So the product has the following advantages:
1.The beautiful, delicate and charming wire mesh fence surface lubrication glittering and translucent, is the most decorate effect of wire mesh fence. It has the enough strength, so it doesn't need to paint and maintenance. It has much strength and toughness better than wood.It has galvanized steel are alien to strengthen, or wrapped with special PVC material, so make the fence to plan as a whole the strength of steel and beautiful.
2.Field fence has long service life. The service life of the wire mesh fence is 15-30 years.By adopting the special formulation and special uv radiation accept agent, so no need to maintain, removed the protection of trouble and make the comprehensive governance capital below the wood and steel barrier.
3.The fence is simple and convenient installation. It use the patent of plug-in cohesion for installation, greatly progress installation rate.Field wire mesh fencing is tough than wood, so it is harmless to people and livestock.